Friday, April 10, 2020

A Toast

I propose a toast to the King and Queen! Actually no, to the thing that makes them who they are, not their blood or money, to the crown. What an epidemic! Literally shuts down the the whole world. Everyone in fear for their and their grandparents lives!

This corona that may or may not have been created by a mutation from an uncooked bat or snake, or may or may not have been created in a lab and accidentally or maybe purposefully released onto the population. A Virus which may or may not be a biological weapon to instill fear in the populous, may or may not be to distract from pervious problems which may or may not include riots, revolutions, human mistreatment, over immigration. It may or may not be a way to test how the new world order could possibly instill martial law or mandatory registration in the form of vaccinations and/or microchips. It may or may not be an attempt by big pharma to cash in on a new drug that will hook us all; may or may not be a new type of World War that affects the economic and social market of the "enemy". It could possibly be just a random occurance by nature to clean up. It may or may not be a normal thing that just happens to regulate the virus that WE are to our earth. It may or may not have been released to keep everyone inside because of extra Chemtrails or 5G towers being launched. It may or may not be the best way the "man" wants us regular folk to act from now on. It may or may not be the new norm for a long time to come. It may or may not be signs of the end of the world.

It also may or may not be what we've been needing for a long time! More time on our hands, more of nothing to do in order to get to what we actually haven't been able to get around to doing.

Look at me! Here! When was the last time I posted a sentence on here. Shamefully, years ago.. Even though I have many tidbits of wiritngs saved in my computer. "Oh ill get around to it but I'm so damn busy with everything" was my normal excuse for pretty much all of it. It was the story of my life. Until this thing hit us and it hit us all, right in the gut. But it feels good. It really does. It's like the feeling when you have an appointment, or a speech, or a paper due, or a meeting and just as it's time for you to get ready, they call you and say "I'm sorry we'll have to reschedule". You know that feeling? It's kind of a relief of not needing to do something, I'm a way, crossing it off your list just by doing nothing. You know what I mean?

That said.. The daylight hours seem to be passing quicker than normal. The night hours feel like minutes. The summer is waiting until it's the right time. It's a weird and confusing feeling. 

You know what though? It's exactly what this life is all about. Screw our human "plans" to be "successful". The ducks and fish and deer are enjoying this state of "being". And we need to as well. Just be. No real deadlines. Just a pause in the life of an earthling. 

In this pause we meditate. We look at our work, what we've wanted to do and, well, we do it. Or not. No pressure. 

The pressure and applause go out to the brave souls that have to continue to fight at this time of quarantine. To the sick people, and poor people, to the soldiers and victims, to the people stuck in cages to the nurses and the doctors. To the ones that have a limited time to live and to those that are alone. 

I send my love and confidence in this thing and to this day. It will heal us and her as well.

Cheers, peace and love.

PS in the next week or two I'll be posting my older wiritngs that I had saved. They seem to still be relevant.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Disposable cups

It’s been a while; i know.
Which words to speak what idea to bring to light.
Sitting in the dark we know it but ignore.

Truths and lives, knifes and lines;
All disposable.

From the latest ‘thing’ to the greatest feeling it’s all gone disposable.

Connections made through digital light at the tap of  finger turned off ; disposable.

It’s deplorable how, in so little time, we’ve managed to bury our longevity leaving it to sink deeper in the sinkhole; from being carved into stone to being saved on a hard drive. 

It’s laughable how the trickery of deluded, sadistic convenience has made us blind.
Disappointment in the eyes of the stars that look down.

Plastic love soon to be available so that when it’s time to leave it's  turned off; despicable.
Creations and inventions now made in electric waves and digital sounds.

They tell you whatever you want to hear, it doesn’t matter, their truth is guaranteed to disappoint and disappear. Forgotten in the disposable ideology of greed.

Their lives don’t matter, no lives really matter; to Them.
We’ve seen them dispose of them with pictures and videos to show, tears running down the cheeks of bearded grown warriors, blood on the foreheads of the orphaned child.
The purpose of the war completely “adjusted”, modified to what we didn’t know; disposable.

Convenient and convincingly necessary. “You need this”, “it’s amazing”. Basically free so you must get this. Swap the old one out, it’s too complicated and hard, but we all know which one will truly last.

We’ve seen the images and pain the animals feel from the things we disregard and discard because their purpose was temporary. This poison we use and feed to the earth that poisons us from the inside out. We know it, but it’s easier this way. They love it, they’re richer that way.

Boundaries created by selfish power hungry barbarians, from the crescent to the cross, from the blue to the red. Blurring and changing the lines that were never there, seeking to divide and keep us in hate all the while their lines are erased to let her black water flow cheaper and more gold.  
They tattoo her deep to make their borders, as her tears melt on the north and the south, and our tears run from our heads to our toes; asking why, with no straight answer. 
Rules we’ve all created, they are privileged enough to be above, cheating them like they cheat the borders they’ve created. 

We can’t blame them, they’ve never felt it.

We continue to be strong, to connect to her power, 
the energy that has made us and all the trees and flowers.
Galaxies and the light that move our love, her love, The Love.
Indispensable, un-disposable, omniscient, unquestionable.
Undeniably the truth that reigns over all their materialistic existence; and ours too. 

Breathe together this permanent flow of the infinite cycle. 
Build the power that is free and unlimited, make that your Idol.
There’s never “no other choice”, there are options in all directions . A conception that we should understand and create with our decisions. Rational and real with the well-being of all as the purpose.

Deception will no longer be tolerated.
Ignorance will be questioned and informed.
Hate and addiction treated and cured.
As the molecules start to rumble in the storm,
The love we breathe in and out will move them to where they become the changing evolution that will wrap the wounds and heal the scars. Our hands and actions, fueled by the true purpose will rebuild what we have destroyed and cradle her back to health.

Never disposable.

Monday, November 7, 2016


(Note: This was stuck in my "Drafts" for probably more than 6 months, it's still valid minus the full moon thing, we're at a 50% moon today)

Well it seems as if another new moon has come and past and I missed my personal goal to have a new blog entry on every new moon. I was reminded that this was something that was on my to-do list and instead of sitting and writing it i made an excuse that there was no 'inspiration' , blaming everything other than myself for it all.

Very unsurprisingly a quick meditation cleared my mind and got me centered. It's very impressive on the power of just a small amount of meditation. It's a sort of reality check like no other because instead of bringing you to a panic and realization of what you are lacking it gives you the REAL reality check. The one that says, actually everything is fine and you are part of it all and it is all part of you. It also in fact helps you achieve your short and long term goals in a sane and productive manner! Well what a surprise!

A Recurring Thought: You know when you wake up and you trip over a shoe, then you go brush your teeth and make a coffee and drop your mug and it breaks, glass and coffee all over the place and you say to yourself "its okay, it's gonna be fine, not a big deal", and then you rush out the door and you realize you forgot your sun glasses (the ones you wear every single day) and it's clearly the brightest day since you bought them and you still say "it's fine i can deal with this", then you get cut off by a terrible morning driver in a Prius who is in such a rush to save the planet they forget that there's other people in this world? It's like an air bubble of clumsy bad luck that just snowballs into a "Truman Show" size conspiracy to make you fail! I'm not going to say that these "negative" occurrences are completely coincidental as i do believe they all connect to each other (you being the link of course) and you have to be in a super positive mentality in order to break it. The best thing one can do in any similar situation is completely stop (as hard as it is to do sometimes), just take a few moments in the least hazardous area nearest to you and take a breather. Deep long breaths are popularly the most effective. Give yourself a quick reset and let the air bubble pop into the universe. I almost guarantee that this will help (unless some other random occurrence just happens to be waiting for you on the other side of the door when you walk out of the maintenance closet you decided to walk into to escape.

Fun fact that i heard yesterday: Meditation is one of the most effective forms of communicating with beings from other planets and universes (ei aliens). More on this to be investigated and relayed back to you here as soon as I learn more! Maybe my dream of one day speaking to each other without even opening our mouths will come true! :)

After my last entry, i made it a point to follow what we have learned. To stay with that positive mindset that we all know we should be on and DO!

It was a good month, full and busy with alot of activities and friends. Come to think of it a whole lot of new different things happened last month. That's as great thing!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Capturing Saturn

photo by PhotoSiran

Paired Listening - courtesy of 'shuffle' while thinking of this blog. 
Just click let it play in the background: 

June 2015 - on the New Moon.
I was lucky enough to escape the murky, fast-paced city of 'Angels' this last week and head up north with my closest and most nuclear family for a quick visit to somewhere new but very familiar. One thing that made an impression other than the clean air, actually green leaves and real blue skies  was a flicker of stars on the south side of the night sky. This was after witnessing a beautiful sunset behind a white capped range of mountains called the Sisters. A colourful sunset not due to a chemical paint in the air but by nature herself.

View through Sky View Free (screenshot)
It was on the last evening of our short but sweet retreat that the sparkled commotion made itself apparent to me in the star filled black space. I wondered what it was, what was going on and decided to take out my aptly named Smart phone and turn on my 'Sky View Free' app. Luckily even though I'm no true astrologer, our technology temporarily makes us experts in seconds! It told me what star was in the center; shining the brightest.  Actually it was a planet , pointed out by my aunt, and now confirmed by a professional, that it was Saturn. What it also showed me was that flickering around it were two constellations connected by the planet. It was Libra and Scorpio and they had the planet at their grasps. It was amazing to look at, live as well as through the app, and I stared at that part of the sky for the most of the 13 hours it took to drive back to LA the next night.

"Sky View Free Image" with constellations and zodiacs (Photoshopped together by me)
This, obviously, got me intrigued and interested in what the Universe was doing, what it was trying to say and what I discovered was that it was a reflection of me, maybe even you. It was merely a small section of the sky amongst billions of lights and it had a lesson to teach. On the west, Jupiter shone along side Venus in a perfect line with the star Regulus in the same place where we witnessed the beautiful sunset a few hours earlier. They were observing the commotion; maybe even ordered it to happen! A chase that looked like a  battle-scene not between friends but, what felt like, a team effort, all aiming their strengths to the planet. Sagittarius stood in the distance, but not far away, bow and arrow ready as if telling Scorpio and Libra that he had them covered but was also there to make sure things were going according to the rules! It was too coincidental that out the whole night-sky it was this section that sparkled the most! 
Sky through Star Chart app (just to be sure the info was correct)

What did it mean. I did a quick search and discovered that Saturn symbolically is very much involved in harvest and death. More specifically in the cycle of death and rebirth recycling old to new. In mythology Saturn dethroned his father Uranus symbolising the changing of regimes from the old (death) to the new (rebirth). (reference: It was a sign of what might be happening to our own lives. A time where the old is outdated, maybe even broken, and where the new is on the way. A new methodology, a new process from all that we have learned so far, a more productive and universal (no pun intended) procedure. It got me thinking that even though the universe has it's own agenda and it feels like we have no control, or even if we do whatever we do it will take its own course, that it is still our choice to either use this energy to be part of this beautiful movement or just plainly be in it.
photo by PhotoSiran
In either case this whole thing is about perspective. Who knows what the folks on Jupiter are seeing happen to the earth? Symbolically speaking of course!

Maybe the constellations were racing to see who grasps the knowledge from the "Great Teacher". Interestingly,  "the most distant of the visible planets, Saturn signifies the boundaries of personal awareness and experience (Reference: Actually I would highly recommend a quick read through this last reference as it turns out Saturn and  it's teachings are quite influential and too many to mention here!

We all know what we have to do, even if we are placed in a seemingly uncontrollable and not-by-choice situation in our lives, we really DO know what needs to be done to make it. A few of us have been lucky enough and have been disciplined enough to already Be there but worry that we might loose it or don't know how to make it 'better'. In both situations the best thing to do is look as far as the eye can see. To the last visible planet and beyond and place ourselves in the chair we are sitting on, realise how we got there, breathe and give ourselves a trim. Get rid of the unimportant "material" and the slack we've been delaying to pick up.  We see what others are doing to the world, why should they be changing it and not us? Do they really have more power than us? Are they superhuman? Are they made of different materials than us? We are made up of every element, small pieces of "stardust" glued together in the forms we see as our reality. Sometimes we need to simply and blindly follow what we have learned. Actually remember the teachings and methods that we all know are the real truth. Love ourselves and our position, which can be ever-changing, but ACTUALLY Love.  The "Doing" kind. The kind that brings us the passion and sparkle in our eyes and souls. The kind we see out in the night sky, loyaly and without fail, there every single night. The kind that inspires us to make it better, make US better!    

Warriors did not worry or question their actions nor the actions of their comrades. Rather they swung their swords confidently along side their partners; for the greater good! It is time to enjoy and trust each other and capture Saturn .
Bend, Oregon      Photo by PhilOsophic
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Stop Dwelling on the Past"           From Marauder #10 - April 2013
This is the subject that came to me to be the topic of conversation in this month's article many days ago. The importance of understanding the meaning of this statement has yet to be determined but for some reason it's intriguing me to further explore. Living in the past. That could translate 
to leaving from the present that you and we are in and being in the past. When we do this, we find ourselves thinking about things that happened or feelings we had. Many times it's something that we wished we had again or something that we wished we had done to change the outcome of the present we find ourselves in. Other times, it's something amazing, something that makes us laugh uncontrollably even in the present and will in the future. It's a pleasant memory that, with fist under our chin, we sit and try to relive and it feels so real. As if we were going through it all over again, reliving that exact moment.
Then there's the other type of 'dwelling on the past' and it involves a feeling of being stuck. Stuck in this situation or event that made us so furious we can't let it go. Every time the smallest thing reminds us of it, we go back into a dark, angry, and negative void which takes away more of our present time. But then what? What do we gain from this? Why are we feeling this way and why do we allow ourselves to relive, of all things, THAT experience? There is nothing to gain from this practice. All we do here is just introduce that old negative energy to our present and waste our precious time over something that we cannot really change; it is in the past. It's really not so easy to be in the present at all times and there really is no way to tell our brain not to remember the good or the bad that happened in the past. It is how we learned everything we know that brought us to this present time that we are in. The nostalgia of bringing back and reliving the time that we feel like we have lost to time itself is what I believe we are trying to do. In a sense pause the present time and time travel to a time before. Little do we notice though that as we do this the present keeps moving into the future, our time does not really ever cease to continue.
Time is now, not the past or the future.
I do believe this is crunch time, it is time for everyone to wake up and use the present to make the future even better than the best memories you find yourself dwelling on or living in. This is definitely not a statement to discard the importance or relevance of our experiences and of our past because it is what made us what we are now. All of it is stored in us consciously and subconsciously. We know it , we went through it. But what are we doing right now? Why aren't we as happy as the happiest past we've had?

Of course each individual situation is completely unique and maybe things haven't truly felt as happy as that one moment in time where everything seemed perfect, but we have the power to change every aspect in our lives to strive for that feeling; or is that dwelling on the past again?? Not if we are in action, not if we are changing our now with the ultimate goal of a continuous present happiness.

- Written by Philip Al-Hajj
- Photography courtesy of Sals Photos

Monday, March 25, 2013

Knowing our way to Freedom               From Marauder #9 - March 2012

“There is neither this world nor the world beyond nor happiness for the one who doubts.”

Sometimes we face doubt. It’s a thing that is present in us from birth. Present in the uncertainty of the unknown, not knowing what is good or 
bad, fear of becoming physically independent; being separated from our mothers for the first time. In addition to this internal doubt, others start telling you what is and what is not possible according to their life’s knowledge and beliefs.
Then one bright and sunny day you suddenly get this urge, a naive sense of exploration making anything possible with no concept of danger or even knowledge of danger even existing. The canvas on which you paint your experiences and teachings is blank and you want it right now.  I’m not talking about getting the latest smart phone at age 10 (yes parents, stop doing that!) or crying for ice cream (a method that seems to be the most effective in the early stages of childhood). I’m talking about the want of being wherever and whoever you want. Wanting to climb every mountain you see or dive as far deep in the water as possible with one breath and find that starfish on the bottom, or wanting to be a garbage man or a taxi driver or a musician.
As time passes, each goal starts to involve more difficulties and obstacles. With every step that moves you closer to your goal(s), using what you have learned and what you know, you begin to revisit the same pure want of exploring in order to stand on top of new tallest mountain; to gain the ultimate knowledge, the ultimate happiness.
On this path doubt keeps paying a visit and the road keeps getting harder to follow. Where is doubt coming from? When you know for certain that your life is following the life you, with determination and hard work, chose? Many times you start doubting your path because of other’s expectations, maybe even what your own expectations used to be.

This whole process might at the same time seem to turn lonely or even selfish, doing what you want as an individual, and sometimes you stare at the stars and ask “Why me!?... and why of all days TODAY!!?”; Well, lets not forget that Fate and Luck enjoy doing their own mischief, maybe to keep things interesting and to test our determination and faith in what we are doing. 

Don’t doubt yourself, don’t doubt the people around you that have been placed there. Recognize the importance of their presence as they try to do the same, and even face
the same situations. Know yourself, be certain of what makes you happy; or keep searching for it. Allow for change; initiate change as the world changes in her own eternal ways.
Failure is not welcome but if you haven’t failed you haven’t tried something new. Remember to remember, and remember to forgive, not just yourself but others around you. If you’re doing what you want in life, everything you ever considered to be the way for you to be happy, then you are doing the right thing. Use the power and energy from within, shaped and guided by all that you have learned as well as from those you have met and experienced life with. Listen to and respect the fragility of our life and the short time we have here and reach the top to your own heaven.
“Sever the ignorant doubt in your heart with the sword of self-knowledge. Observe your discipline. Arise.”                  
-Quotations from The Bhagavad-Gita

- Written by Philip Al-Hajj
- Pictures Courtesy of Philip Al-Hajj, Freddie Al-Hajj, Picto Photography

Monday, December 31, 2012

Old Shoes, New Shoes                          From Marauder #8 - January 2013

It’s a common phrase and these days highly overlooked; To put yourself in someone else’s shoes. This is one of the most important things one can do as they walk the planet searching for their own truth. No matter your position in life, weather still ‘learning’, looking for a job, or engulfed in a busy ‘career’ that is deemed successful and gives you the happiness. Even in a job that you despise that makes you feel like you’re stuck in a rut that you can’t get out of, whether you are in a great relationship, flying solo or running a beautiful family, it’s something that everyone should remember and actively try out!
People build their own worlds around their lives, friends, neighbors, routines but they sometimes forget or don’t make time to get out of their comfort zone, out of the ‘bubble’ we’re used to. As the New Year approaches, and we survived yet another teeth
clenching end-of-the-world scare, I urge you to plan something different. With or without the people closest to you, something you might not have even thought of before. It could be an experience or a destination that wasn’t in any bucket list. Meet people who travel a completely different walk of life, volunteer for something that you might be interested or truly care about. Talk to someone who might not have all that you have and hear their story. Each person has a story to tell and many have had it harder than you. It’s sort of a reality check because it’s someone else’s reality and I promise it will be more rewarding than you think. You can always help someone, as there is always someone who is in a worse position. The term “Why Me” will never be a justified thought and we are all privileged just to exist and lucky that we get choices and opinions!
Let’s all appreciate our own existence along with everyone else’s, as life is fragile and special. The world we live in is something unique and exciting that has so much for us to learn and experience. As the planets align and spin in a beautiful unison, don’t forget to be part of the rhythm that life creates.

I’d like to truly thank everyone we have met on the road, everyone we have seen and communicated even from our past lives. You have made our journey fruitful and as a stranger once told me “You must be rich a man” and he pointed to his head. You’ve made me and us as travelers rich; a unique wealth that nobody can experience unless they were there! Good luck in this next New Year! Always positive always happy, no matter what!

- Photography Courtesy of Philip Al-Hajj

- Written by Philip Al-Hajj